Multi Purpose Power Supply - Pure Sine Wave
Supporting Home Medical Devices
(Ventilator, Suction, Comfort Cough, etc.)
When you need AC power back up during unexpected black out caused by various reasons such as natural disaster, or inferior electric power supply condition.
When you need more stable power supply to your medical (electronic) device without any unwanted variation of electric current.


Input                        100V~, 2.5A, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage        100 Vac

Output Frequency    50/60Hz (Pure Sine Wave)

Battery Type             Li-ion

Recharging Time      10Hr

Capacity                   250Wh

Battery Pack             7S4P (3.7V X 2.6Ah Cell)

Size (mm)                 168 X 275 X 185

Weight(kg)                 5.0

Stroage                     At -15 to +45 ˚C