COMFORT COUGH (Mechanical In-ExSufflator)

COMFORT COUGHTM ,Mechnical In-Exsufflator (MI-E),
has been developed to help the patients who cannot clear the bronchopulmonary secretion by him/herself due to the various reason.

 Positive Pressure                       +5 to 60cmH2O
 Negative Pressure                      -5 to 60cmH2O 
 Flow Type                                   High, Low
Inspiratory, Expiratory Times       0.5 to 5.0 sec (in automatic mode)
                                                     or useer variable (in manual mode)
Mode of Operation                        Automatic and manual mode
Blower Type                                 Two-stage centrifugal blower with BLDC motor
Input Voltage                                100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Input Power                                   MAX. 230VA
Size                                               288mm X 212mm X 330mm
Weight(kg)                                     6.4kg

Innovative Features
   Light weight and small
   Easy to use
   Safety control Lock
   Two inhalation flow settings
   Microprocessor controlled
   Graphic visualization of pressure
   Automatic and manual mode
   Free voltage