Seoil Pacific Corp.

SpO2(Pulse Oximetry)

Part NameSpO2 Sensor(Probe)
SpO2-D-sub cable

You can connect the recommended oximetry device to the device to monitor SpO2 and heart rate levels. When an oximeter is connected, the device displays the Oximeter’s status when in Standby. When an oximeter is connected and the device is in Standby, the current SpO2 and Heart Rate readings display on-screen. If bad data is being read from the oximeter, dashes appear next to the SpO2 and Heart Rate indicators.

As this is only for CC20P, it is not compatible with other device even if it is possible to connect to other devices. Conversely, Pulse oximeters that are not provided by Seoil Pacific Corp cannot be used by connecting to the CC20P.


Nellcor Compatible

70~100% (Oximeter) / 25~250BPM (Pulse)

Plug type: DB9 Pin

Latex Free

Comfortable fit for continuous monitoring

Accurate and reliable oxygen saturation reading

Easy for clean and its durable design


Part Name

Part No.


SpO2 sensor(Probe)


Clip: 26.8(W) x 63.3(L) x 25(H)

SpO2-D-sub cable


Connector: 20.12(W) x 63.7(L)
Cable length: 739.73

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