Seoil Pacific Corp.


DeviceMechanical In-Exsufflator
ManufacturerSeoil Pacific Corp.

Comfort Cough Plus
has Percussor mode in addition to the cough stimulating function. Comfort Cough Plus creates air pulse to vibrate Percussion wrap which is the Vest for High Frequency Chest Wall Vibration therapy. This vibration comfortably compresses and releases the chest wall so that mucus can be dislodged and moved toward central airways.
Comfort Cough Plus provides respiratory therapists and critical caregivers with the most efficient solution to clear excess mucus.


Auto and Manual mode

The mechanical in-exsufflator (MI-E) delivers a positive-pressure insufflation followed by an expulsive exsufflation, thereby simulating a normal cough. Use of the MI-E with impaired cough results in improved cough flows and enhanced airway clearance.

  • Pressure range : -60 to +60cmH2O
  • Inhale flow : Low and High

Percussor mode

With mask : To mobilize secretions toward the upper airway
With Percussion wrap : High Frequency Chest Wall Vibration Therapy 

  • Pressure Setting : 0 to +60cmH2O / Frequency Setting : 10 to 600CPM

3 Presets

Comfort Cough Plus offers three presets to accommodate different patient conditions or circumstances once they have been discharged from the hospital 


Dimensions (W*H*D)

288mm X 330mm X 212mm


6.44kg (without accessories)

Pressure Range

-60 to +60cmH2O

Inhale Flow

Low, High

Inhalation, Exhalation, Pause Time

0 to 5.0 sec

Modes of Operation

Auto, Manual, No setting and Percussosr Mode


3 presets

Percussor mode

Insp. Positive Pressure: 0~+60cmH2o / Freq. : 10 to 600cpm 

Input Voltage / Power
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 230 VA
Electrical Protection
BF, Class I
Degree of Protection against Ingress of water

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