Seoil Pacific Corp.

CC20 / CC20P

DeviceMechanical In-Exsufflator
ModelCC20 / CC20P
ManufacturerSeoil Pacific Corp.

Comfort Cough II.
the most updated Mechanical In-Exsufflator (MI-E), has been developed to help the patients who cannot clear the bronchopulmonary secretions by oneself due to the various reasons.

Introduction video


Auto and Manual mode

For the patients who are unable to cough or clear secretions effectively due to the reduced peak cough expiratory flow. CC20 stimulates the natural cough by shifting positive pressure to negative pressure rapidly.

  • Pressure setting : -70 to +70cmH2O
  • Inhale flow : Low, Medium and High

Auto and Manual mode with Oscillation

Oscillation can be set at Inspiratory or Expiratory phase to assist in loosening and mobilizing the secretions to promote the clearance of secretions. 

  • Frequency Setting : 1 to 20Hz / Amplitude Setting : 1 to 10cmH2O

Synchronization [Cough Sync]

Cough Sync detect the patient breath and synchronize its therapy to the patient breath. It allows the patient easily to adopt MI-E therapy. It is great advantage of Comfort Cough II for the patient who experience MI-E therapy.

Patient data management

Patient data are saved at SD Card and the data can be reviewed at Computer via Comfort Reader. It leads the improvement of patient care as well as clinical evaluation. 

Percussor mode

With mask: To mobilize secretions toward the upper airway
With Percussion wrap: High Frequency Chest Wall Vibration Therapy 

  • Pressure setting : -70 to +70cmH2O
  • Frequency setting : 10 to 780CPM

9 Presets

Comfort Cough II offers Nine presets to accommodate different patient conditions or circumstances once they have been discharged from the hospital 

Safety Lock

To prevent unintentional or accidental touch to the keys, the control keys can be locked. Power ON/OFF and ‘START/STOP’ buttons will not be locked at anytime. 

Monitoring Peak Cough Flow and Tidal volume

To prevent unintentional or accidental touch to the keys, the control keys can be locked. Power ON/OFF and ‘START/STOP’ buttons will not be locked at anytime.


Dimensions (W*H*D)

287mm X 273mm X 218mm


4.6kg (without accessories)

Therapy Features


Pressure Range

-70 to +70cmH2O

Inhale Flow

Low, Medium, High

Inhalation, Exhalation, Pause Time

0 to 5.0 sec

Pressure Display

Pressure Bar, Pressure Graph

Modes of Operation

Auto, Manual, No setting and Percussosr Mode


9 presets

Percussor mode

Insp. Positive Pressure: 0~+70cmH2o / Freq. : 10 to 780cpm

Oscillatory vibration

Amplitude : 1~10cmH2O / Freq. : 1~20Hz

Oximetry Accessory

SpO2, Heart rate data (CC20P only)

Remote control

Foot Switch (Optional)

Remote Data Access

SD card

Power Management

Detachable Battery and AC Power cord

Breathing hose holder

Including at Main body

Input Voltage / Power
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2A/1A / 120 VA
Electrical Protection
BF, ClassⅡ
Degree of Protection against Ingress of water

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