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DeviceHigh Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy Device
ManufacturerSeoil Pacific Corp.


CF10 for Heated and Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy. For patients, who breathe spontaneously, but constantly having problems with Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure, CF10 can help them.

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3 Stage Temp. setting

It is possible to adjust the temperature to maximize the therapy efficacy. 

Adult mode : 31 / 34 / 37°C   Junior mode : 34°C

Precise Flow setting

The most advanced Blower technology delivers wide range of flow rate.

Adult : 10~60 LPM   Junior mode : 2~25LPM

Adult and Junior mode

It is possible to control CF10 in Adult mode & Junior mode

4.3” Touch Screen & Night Mode

User friendly interface makes CF10 easy to control.

Therapy information is shown at 4.3” wide LCD screen.

And, CF10 can be set by Touch screen as well as Button below the screen.

Kinking Free Nasal cannula (Patented)

Qualified silicon and its ergonomic design maximize the patient comfort.

Kinking free Nasal cannula prevents stopping therapy by accident.

Disinfection Free

Since the air flows in one direction, the percentage of infection is low.

No need to disinfection process by replacing the disposable accessories

Galvanic oxygen sensor

The galvanic O2 sensor is adopted, which is widely used for ventilators.

One-way Valve / Check Valve

To prevent an accidental over-flow of water in the chamber

Quick Release Tap

Easy to remove the chamber as well as much less damage on the heater plate


How to make Flow

O2 Blending
Low O2 / High O2

Flow setting–Adult

10 ~ 60 LPM
280x270x176 mm

Flow setting-Junior

 2 ~ 25 LPM


>33mg/L at 37°C target
Supply Frequency
50 / 60Hz


21-95% FiO2
Alarm sound level
Alarms exceed 50dbA @1m

Water supply

Auto filling Chamber
O2 Sensor
Galvanic sensor

Warming and humidifying

Heater plate and chamberSupply Voltage/current

100-120V 0.8A
200-240V 0.9A

* FiO2: If FiO2 is <21% or >95%, the alarm will come.

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