Seoil Pacific Corp.

SP-Adult High Flow

DeviceNasal Cannula (Adult)

Kinking Free Nasal Cannula [Patented]
Qualified silicon and its ergonomic design maximize the patient comfort.
Specially designed kinking free nasal cannula helps ensure stable therapy. 


  1. Kinking Free Nasal Cannula
  2. Velcro Hook: Holding Smooth bore tube for better comfort
  3. Smooth bore tube: To reduce flow resistance and work of breathing in comparison with Corrugated tube.
  4. Connector: 22/15mm
  5. Overhead strap: More comfortable and reliable over longer period of time
  6. Neck strap: Detachable strap

    SPMD001 : Small / SPMD002: Medium / SPMD2003: Large

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